Monday, July 20, 2009


It's an understatement to say jobs are tough to find these days. There are however, some tried and true methods that are as important today as they were when times were better.

  • while networking has become the rage these days, astute individuals have always recognized the importance of this since a significant percentage of jobs are never advertised or posted. Referrals continue to play a large role in securing jobs. What better way to obtain a referral than to network and gain exposure. The secret to networking, in my opinion is to add value!! Don't sit on the sidelines and wait for this to happen.... Network and Network Again. Has taken on greater important

  • Trying to get a job without a resume, is like trying to get a credit card without completing an application. Your best chance to "look" at the market is when you already have a position. Ask yourself the "so what" questions... What would happen if I lost my job today? Is my resume updated? Are my contacts in place? --When is the last time I spoke to a recruiter to determine my marketability? This is similar to the analogy associated with athletes... If you're not getting ready for the next level, job, opportunity etc, I assure you other candidates are and they will get the job.

  • Much has been said negatively about promoting oneself. It's simple; no one cares as much about you as you do. You have to promote your brand consistently, you must ensure your brand has value and equally important constantly check out your brand with others inside and outside the "circles you frequent" because you are always being evaluated!!!

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