Friday, February 26, 2010

Staffing for Recovery

Five ways to strengthen your business without increasing your costs

Running lean doesn’t mean having to forego opportunity. The key to controlling labor cost- without sacrificing resources- is flexible staffing.

At PrideStaff, we help organizations develop flexible staffing plans. By creating more strategic workforce models, we provide organizations with just-in-time access to talent- used only demand peaks. We can help your company enhance productivity, minimize payroll and benefits expenses, and still have access to the people and skills you need to take advantage of new opportunities.

Here are five ways PrideStaff can help you in prepare for the coming revovery:

1. Improve Efficiency in Key Areas.
Are your most talented and productive employees losing too much time to low value tasks? By supplementing your core staff with well-qualified temporary employees, your top performers will have more time to focus on their most critical job functions.

2. Capitalize on New Business Opportunities.
At your current staffing levels, do you have the capacity to increase output, pursue new markets, or implement growth initiatives? PrideStaff can show you how to create a flexible staffing plan that will give you on-demand access to people with the skill and experience you need to overcome capacity constraints- without increasing your overhead.

3. Create New Products and Services.
Are you looking to expand your product or service line? As your workforce partner, PrideStaff can recruit people with the experience and knowledge you need to ensure a successful launch. Whether you need people to fill a project or full-time role, we can source the talent you require for a fraction of the cost of hiring consultants or full-time employees.

4. Build a Stronger Bench.
Even if you don’t have immediate hiring needs, now is the time to plan for the future, PrideStaff can help you create a proactive recruiting strategy in advance of your hiring needs. Then, when you are ready to hire, you’ll already have a strong bench of talent that requires minimal training and ramp up time.

5. Gain Flexibility.
Is your business equipped to handle fluctuating demands? During the economic rebound we will undoubtedly see widely fluctuating peaks and valleys in our workloads. By taking more strategic approach to staffing PrideStaff will help you adjust your workforce levels to workflow- supplying support when demand is high, without the overhead when demand is lower.

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