Monday, March 1, 2010

To Get Hired, You have to be one of these Two People

The job market is not really that difficult to understand when you look at why employers take on new staff. The company will have a need that cannot be fulfilled by the current organization and thus there is a job opening. If you can understand what need you can be the solution to, you will be on to a winner. Every business out there has a common goal: to make money. This can be achieved by getting people that can generate more money, or by getting people that can cut costs and save money. The question is; which type are you?

Money makers

Sales people are the best example of money makers. They are hired to generate more customers and orders that will go straight to the bottom line. If you are in the money making category, it is fairly straightforward why you are needed. You have to convince the employer that you have generated cash in the past and will do so in future. By using specific examples and quantifying your achievements, you demonstrate what you are capable of.

Money savers

If you are in this category, it will be harder to justify exactly how you will make a difference to the profits of your potential new employer. Anyone in accounting or finance would be a potential money saver. Managers can cut costs by automating processes, reorganizing teams, establishing better focus and so forth. However you saved money for your current or previous employer, be prepared to deliver the story in the interview. Again, be as specific as possible and quantify how much you saved and exactly how you implemented your idea.

Call to action

Have a good think of how you deliver value to your new employer. Do you make or save money? Whichever it is, does the prospective employer know exactly what you do and what the impact would be to their bottom line? The more specific you can be, the better your chances in an interview. Look back at your professional experience and analyze your jobs. How much did you make/save in each role and why? When you prepare these case studies and back them up with figures, you will be way ahead any other candidate going in for the same job.

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